Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This site is addressed to those who do not feel confortable with physicist which describe the dual nature of light – wave and particle, as if it were a puzzle.

We will show what every one of these scientists already know, but in such an approach that will leave no doubt to others that a photon and a wave can both exist at the same time in a non-quantum world AND in a quantum world as well. In order to achieve that goal we will have to go through the semantics and word meanings of original definition of some terms.


(today is wednesday, november 11, 2011. Please, come back to this blog in a week or so. I am in a rush and not yet ready for a 7-day trip do Europe. Meanwhile, try to look at a photon the way Einstein did in his 1905 paper, As a “quantum of energy”, Isaac Asimov credits Arthur Compton with defining quanta of energy as photons in 1923.). The so-called photon is simply that.